About Lyapunov


“Slackening peoples mind by strengthening their balance”


Ropedancers create their own playground. Crossing voids they build air bridges (‘luchtbruggen’) creating new paths to enter. By installing a rope, a line or a wire we’re connecting two points which otherwise would never be connected. By means of performing on this connection a rope dancer creates art in the emptiness there where never before a person came and where only birds rule. Lyapunov deforms the void changing for ever the perception on that space. Spaces that have been filled by rope dancers are physically not changed, however in the minds of those who saw the performance and who saw the connection that space will never be the same again. “Slackening peoples mind …” “… by strengthening their balance”. Young or old, people of all ages can learn to walk the rope, line or wire. It triggers peoples imagination, it’s challenging and positively addictive. Rope dancing demands concentration, motivation and dearing, however the satisfaction and the pleasure experienced with it are enormous. The sensations and impressions while rope dancing are unique. Team Lyapunov The team contains professional and passionated rope dansers with strong roots in the theater-, circus-, and climbing world and a background in psychology. The core team has a lot of complementary knowledge and experiences by means of which several rope dance projects have already been successfully realised. Driven by passion we are continuously updating our knowledge and skills through study, research, training and courses. Lyapunov – stability in motion – offers you a trustworthy, creative and dynamic team with an open mind, a lot of expertise and business sense.